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At the end of July 2022, a few of us played despite the rain by going to Brown’s Island and playing in the gravel backstage, below the highway bridge. Great fun!

Worth the trip.

Bill Roberts and Richard Morrelle participated in another tournament over the weenend of Oct. 12 in Morganton, NC. They played some fierce pétanque and placed 4th overall. Congratulations! We’re proud of you.

We ended up with a three-way tie for first place in our in-house tournament on Oct. 6. Bill Roberts, John Hailey and Richard Morrell all won three games in our round robin tournament. We are so proud of their accomplishment! We enjoyed a delightful potluck lunch as well, and as usual, the boulefrog-chefs outdid themselves. Myam, Myam!

Our in-club tournament on Oct. 6 resulted in a three-way tie for first place! Bill Roberts, John Hailey, and Richard Morrell tied with three wins each. We are all proud of their accomplishment. We enjoyed a pot-luck lunch that had some stellar food, as well, as usual. Bravo, Boulefrogs! A good time was had by all.

On Feb. 23, hundreds of students of French from all over the state came to Monacan High School for CCPS’s annual Congrès Français to use French and experience French culture. The Boulefrogs were there to support pétanque. We’ve been asked back for next year, so it appears that the sessions were a success despite having to improvise indoors with gymnastic mats and Mexican blankets for courts. A good time was had by all.

Join us in Monroe Park at W. Main and Belvidere, in front of the Altria Theater! We hope to spark interest among nearby residents and VCU students and staff as well as enjoying friendly games under the trees in the newly renovated park. There are two courts, and the walkways are playable, too, so there’s no limit to the fun. On April 20, 2019, several Boulefrogs visited the park and enjoyed playing in the shade. Won’t you join us on May 18?

On Feb. 23, 2019, students of French from schools around the state gathered at Monacan H.S. in Chesterfield County for the annual CCPS Congrès Français, a gathering where students can use French and learn about French culture. The Boulefrogs were there! The weather forced us indoors, but improvisation with gymnastics mats and Mexican blankets allowed students to get a feel for the game. We’ve been invited back next year, so we’ll plan to continue to promote our sport among young people.


Boulefrogs worked on Nov. 3 to clean up the planting beds surrounding the central plaza of the playground. It’s up to those of us who use the playground to keep things looking nice, since the city isn’t responsible for things like that.


Who knew there were roses among those weeds?

Who knew there were roses among those weeds?

Check out this new video promoting pétanque in America.  Click on

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Games, August 25, 2013

Will we take the point?