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Games, August 25, 2013

Where’s the ball going to end up.


Games on August 25 2013

Careful aim gets you where you want to be.

Eight new petanque courts have been completed.  We are now using the courts and have lots of room for new players.  If you are wondering what petanque is all about come to Chimborazo Playground (E. Grace St and 30th St.) Sundays at 2:00 PM or Thursday at 6:00 PM all year round.


Casey Dunaway, Mark and Karen Rankin Richard Taranto and John Whitworth at the Carniball

The group in the photo plus Alexandra and Jim Wunderly demonstrated the game of petanque at the February 25 France-themed Carniball fundraiser at the Richmond Children’s Museum.  At the formal evening affair, the guests were treated to French food, wine and music and even can-can dancers.   Many of the attendees were introduced to petanque (often confused with bocce) and showed promise as they tried their pointing skills on our improvised “court.”   Lots of good-natured competition was enjoyed by all.

We are awaiting the renovations to the new courts to that will address the drainage problems.  According to Parks and Rec, the contractor is in the permiting process and work will commence as soon as the permits are approved.  In the meantime, we will continue to play on our two “old” courts and any of the new ones that are playable.

On February 14, 2011 Parks and Rec began removing the blacktop in the playground.  With good weather forecast for the next week the work should progress quickly.  The old courts are not affected except that there is no standing room on the west side of court #1.  Watch this space for photos of the progress.

Day 1 Photos:

Day 3 – February 16.  The plaza/petanque court area is moving ahead with spreading of 7 inches of stone dust.

Feb. 19 – Part one complete – laying 7 to 8 inches of stone dust for the playground central plaza and petanque courts.  Next up – installing the borders for the courts.

The Boulefrogs’  start time for Saturdays changes to 2:00 PM  on October 30 for the winter months.  We will return to 3:00 PM  in the spring.

Vic tosses a winner

Thirty Boulefrogs and families turned out for our annual July 4 games and picnic. Despite the hot weather in the mid 90s, everyone enjoyed an afternoon of competitions and a delicious pot-luck picnic. 

The pointing contest was surprisingly won by Vic, followed by Mark who just edged out Benedicte for second place.  Mike Prescott impressed everyone with his shooting prowess with 5 out of six hits.  He was followed by Stan and Richard.  The picnic was a great success.  Special thanks to Karen, Pam and Kirsten for arranging the food and supplies and to Chef Mark for expertly grilling the burgers and dogs, expecially in that heat. 

After the picnic, the we held the medley competition where the teams were chosen at random for each game and individualls recorded their team scores (for and against).  At the end the players with the best points for/against ratios won prizes.  Benedicte was the winner, followed by Earl and Chef Mark.

Karen drops the boule

Check out Photos for more pics of the 4th.

Last weekent four Boulefrogs, Earl, Gigi, Stan and Richard traveled to Brooklyn, NY for the New York Petanque Open. To say the courts were challenging would be an understatement. The terrain was co0vered with pebbles the size of walnuts. Direct tosses and shots would often fly off in another direction. Even the top players suffered from the rocks, but they showed their skill by adjusting to the situation and they made some amazing points and shots. While the Boulefrogs finished out of the money, Stan and Richard placed 4th in the Consolante B and walked off with a bottle of wine each.

Even though many of the competitors were world class we had a great time. We learned from the pros and played 7 or 8 games with some of the best. Plus we had some great French food at some of Brooklyn’s best restaurants.

Check out the photos in the Photo section.

Our annual July 4th games and picnic will start at 3 PM.  We will have our pointing and shooting contests followed by a a pot-luck picnic.  The club will provide hot dogs, hamburgers and veggie-burgers.  Following the picnic we’ll play a few games and those who want to watch the fireworks can wander 2 blocks to Libby Hill Park to see the display.

Medals will be awarded for the competition winners (1st, 2nd, and 3rd places) and gift certificated to local businesses will also go to some lucky participants.

Registration fee is $5.00 for adults and $2.00 for youths. 

Watch for an email from Karen and Pam with all the deatails.