Karen, Vickie and Kirsten discuss the weather

Photo-OP for Rachel and Jack

Mike lines up the winning shot

Casey, Nora, Gigi and Jack in deep conversation

Wow! Was that a fanny?

What's petanque without a measuerment?

Pointing champs Vic (1st), Mark (2nd) and Benedicte (3rd)

Welcome at the NY Petanque Club and Brooklyn

Richard tests the gravel courts.



Dinner at Le Petit Paris

The winners came from Granada, Spain.



Gigi's birthday recognition. She loves NY.

Lots of rocks on the courts. This is a smooth part.

Earl and Gigi check the situation

A view of the terrain.

What's petanque without some measurements?

Richard sends one flying.

After 5 games a rest is earned.

Stan and Richard and their prizes.