• The game is played by 2 teams of one, two or three. In a team of 2 players each member uses 3 boules, in a team of 3 players each member uses 2 boules. In the singles game each player uses 3 boules. There must not be more than 12 boules on the ground
  • Players use steel boules of diameter between 2.77 ins (70,5 mm and 3.15 ins (80mm) The weight must not exceed 1 lb (800 gr) The jack is made of wood, and must be between 0,098 ins (25mm) and 1,38 ins (35mm)
  • The first team is chosen by tossing a coin. Any player in this team chooses a starting place, and draws a circle on the ground in which to stand. This should be between 13.79 ins (35com) and 19,70 ins (50cm)
  • The player throws the jack between 6yards (6m) and 10 yards (10m) away. It must not be any nearer than 1/2 yard (1/2 m) from any obstacle (trees, wall etc..)
  • He then throws his first boule, trying to get it as close as possible to the jack. NB; both feet must remain on the ground within the circle until his/her boule has landed.
  • A player from the opposing team steps into the circle and tries to place his boule closer to the jack than his opponent, or by knocking his opponent boule away. the boule nearer to the jack leads
  • It is then up to the players in the team who is not leading to continue until they achieve a leading boule and so on.   If they succeed, the other team plays.  If not, they run out of boules.
    When a team has no more boules the players of the other team throw theirs and try to place them as close as possible to the jack
  • When the 2 teams have no more boules, the points are counted. the winning team scores one point for each boule nearer the jack than any of their opponents
  • A player from the team who has won the previous “end” (from throwing the jack to throwing the next jack)  throws the jack from the place where it was at the conclusion of the “end”. The winners are the first team to reach 13 “end” wins.