Les Boulefrogs 2023 Club events:

Sunday, Jan. 15:  First day to play at earlier 1 o’clock time for winter games

Sunday, Feb. 19: Mardi Gras potluck and play

Sunday, March 26: Last day to play at earlier 1 o’clock time for winter games

Saturday April 29: Grounds and park house cleanup day

Sunday, May 21 Memorial Day early celebration, potluck and tournament

Sunday July 9: Independence Day/Bastille Day celebration, potluck and tournament

Sunday Sept. 3: Labor Day, potluck and tournament

Saturday, Dec. 16: Christmas Party, mid-afternoon (tentative) at the Hase residence

Fri. Jan. 5, 2024: Annual meeting, perhaps at a restaurant and then dinner there

External Petanque events:

See FPUSA calendar of events: Tournaments – FPUSA (usapetanque.org) for sanctioned qualifying events across the country.

Opens and other:

April 1-2:  Clinics in Asheville

May 27: Zanesfield, Ohio (4 day event and cookout) Social Play, Open Tournament, FPUSA Regionals, Pointing and Shooting Contests.

July 15-16: Open in Asheville

Sept 16-17 Carolina (Morganton NC) and Atlanta will have opens – one of these may change dates.

Oct. 8: NYC Open

Nov. 11-12:  Amelia Island Open

Past Events:

Training Day – May 4, 2019: The art of the cochonnet toss.
Training Day – one of several pointing workshops: High lobs (Plombées)
Feb. 23, 2019: students attending the annual CCPS Congrès Français learned how to play Pétanque. Although the weather forced the Boulefrogs to improvise indoor courts (gym mats and blankets), the sessions were popular and we’ve been invited back next year to continue spreading Pétanque around the region.