Welcome to the Les Boulefrogs Petanque Club of Virginia! We are a diverse and inclusive group of petanque players of all ages and backgrounds. We welcome everyone interested in learning and playing the game, beginners and curious visitors. We have loaner boules and will gladly teach anyone who wants to try.

What is Petanque? Everyone has 3 metal balls (boules in French) that each weigh about a pound and a half. You toss the first boule out with the intention of getting close to a small target called a cochonnet. The intention is to get closer than the other team. It’s an easy game to get a feel for. We enjoy friendly competition, camaraderie, and fun. Come and see for yourself!

We play twice a week – Sunday afternoon at 2:00pm from April through October and 1:00pm from November through March. and Thursday evening at 6pm. You are welcome to just show up or club contacts are listed below if you need more information.

We play at the petanque courts in Chimborazo Playground which is located near the corner of 29th St. and East Grace St., in Church Hill, Richmond, VA. (Click on the blue words for directions).

Les Boulesfrogs Courts

If you have any questions, contact:
Karen Rankin, President
e-mail: kaywren@hotmail.com

phone: 804-874-5555


Bill Roberts, Vice-president:
e-mail: roberts3000@comcast.net

phone: 804-334-4136

Follow us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PetanqueRVA