Les Boulesfrogs Courts

We are a community organization dedicated to encouraging people to play pétanque.  Reaching out concentrically from our Chimborazo Park pétanque courts, we welcome everyone interested in learning and playing the game.

Where We Play
Chimborazo Playground is located near the corner of 29th St. and East Grace St., in historic Church Hill, Richmond, VA. (Click on the above map for directions).

When We Play
We play twice a week, feel free to join us. We welcome beginners!

  • Sunday afternoon at 2:00 PM
  • Thursday evening at 6:00 PM

Les Boulefrog of Church Hill Officers
President – Karen Rankin
Vice President – Bill Roberts

Treasurer – Beth Hase
Secretary – Mark Rankin


What do our members value about having a relationship with Les Boulefrogs of Church Hill?

1. The opportunity to play the game.

2. The camaraderie and society of their “neighbors”.

3. The exercise and recreation of playing outdoors in the fresh air.

What is the need fulfilled from having a relationship with Les Boulefrogs of Church Hill?

Communal Play for all.

How do we fulfill this need?


  • We participate regularly,
  • We treat each other with courtesy and
  • We welcome and encourage newcomers to join us and play.

As a club,

  • We build awareness and enthusiasm for the game and our activities throughout our community, the Greater Richmond region and the nation.
  • We sponsor opportunities for our members and guests to engage one another on the pétanque terrains and off.

What is the personality of our club?

Playful, exciting, bright, warm and welcoming!

Our History

In early 2005 twelve Church Hill residents responded to an article in the Church Hill Association Newsletter and met in Patrick Henry Park to learn about the game of pétanque. That was just the beginning.  Les Boulefrogs of Church Hill Pétanque Club celebrated its tenth anniversary 2016. Looking for a suitable terrain on which to play, the club found that some of the gravel alleys in the area were similar to the terrains in Europe – pétanque can be played on just about any patch of land that is relatively flat.

Through word-of-mouth the club grew in membership and with the support of the Richmond Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Facilities (PRCF) the club members moved out of the alleys and built two courts in Chimborazo Playground in 2006. An article in the Richmond Times-Dispatch resulted in more interest in the game, especially by those with a French connection through travel or education. Les Boulefrogs joined the Federation of Pétanque USA (FPUSA) in 2006.  The club now has fifty members from age 16 to 75 and from all over greater Richmond  – from Colonial Heights to as far as Fredericksburg.